Ultimate guide help parents choose cute backpacks for kid 2017

Ultimate guide help parents choose cute backpacks for kid 2017

Backpacks are something that stays with kids all day long at school. It is a very necessary tool to store learning tools, books, snacks and even lunches, and even the hopes and dreams of children. Therefore, it is not surprising that children love to choose backpacks to show their personality and preferences.

Even when your child chooses to choose a backpack with a cartoon character or favorite color, you still have to check the quality and whether the backpacks fit the child’s body. Is pulling backpacks firmly? Can the lock be easily removed, turned down? Is it safe enough? Do not forget to flip the inside out and look at the seam to ensure firmness.

If you are shopping for new backpacks, keep in mind key tips for choosing quality backpacks that your child can use for a long time.

1. Choose backpacks with shoulder straps

Choose a pair of wide shoulder straps and pads to help distribute weight evenly across the body. This reduces the risk of muscle strain or injury. The strap is too narrow and the crossovers will put a lot of pressure on a small area of the body. If you want to wear a diagonal bag, you should hang diagonally across the chest and do not hang them on one shoulder.

Some backpacks also include belts in the abdomen or in the chest, which help support the weight of the backpacks. When adjusting the belt for your baby, make sure the backpacks fit snugly against the body and do not stick to the baby.

Ultimate guide help parents choose cute backpacks for kid 2017

2. Choose suitable backpacks for your child’s use

It is important to note that backpacks must accommodate learning devices. Not buying big backpacks is good. If the back pads are on the back of your neck or head and not on your back, your backpacks are oversized. The pad should be relative to the child’s body. Look for backpacks that are securely locked so that items such as pencils, ID cards or phones do not fall out, but must be easily picked up when urgent.

3. Consider materials and small details

Material: Synthetic fibers, such as nylon or polyester, are waterproof but less environmentally friendly than natural fibers. If you are interested in protecting the environment, choose a backpack made of natural fibers such as hemp.

About zippers: Quality zippers are soft, easy to pull but not easily tangled in the fabric. Typically, Velcro patches will not be as effective as a quality zipper.

Lights: Many backpacks are fitted with reflectors to increase protection for children in the evening or in low light conditions.

When buying backpacks for kids, pay attention to backpacks that have lumbar straps. Belts not only help keep the backpacks firmly on the back and hug the body, but most of the weight will be the hip instead of the shoulder as normal.

4. How to choose backpacks with wheels

Wheel backpacks can be a good option to reduce the load because the wheel helps the baby to not carry heavy on his shoulders. However, when giving backpacks to a child, there are two things to keep in mind: the child must be strong enough to lift the briefcase onto the steps or the stairs at school and the child must be able to push the pair over the slippery road in the rainy season. So, choose a backpack that has a smooth running wheel system and is not too cumbersome.

You can consider two-wheeled backpacks in line. They do not make noise, are less shocking, easier to control and less cumbersome than a four-wheeled one. Of course, one thing that is indispensable is the sturdy handle for your child to easily control.

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5. Never carry too heavy

As a general rule, babies are not allowed to carry a heavy weight backpack. The weight of the briefcase should not exceed 10 to 20 percent of body weight. For example, a 30kg child should not carry more than 6kg on his back.

According to the study, at least 14,000 children are being treated each year for injuries related to carrying backpacks. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery recommends purchasing weight-bearing backpacks that should not exceed 10-15% of the body weight. Children wearing overprotective backpacks often have signs such as red shoulders, neck fatigue, numb hand…

Books, notebooks, school supplies, extracurricular activities, sometimes the food of the day … make the weight of the child’s backpack bring the school overloaded. Choose to buy backpacks for children to choose mild backpacks, to avoid the risk of increased risk of muscle and joint damage as well as problems posture, causing later consequences.

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6. Arrange smart appliances

Place heavy items such as books, document covers, laptops or tablets near the center of your back to distribute your weight reasonably.

If your child has a locker at school or can use a locked classroom drawer, have them use it. Being too heavy will lead to tension in the lumbar muscle, which can affect health and may be responsible for other injuries later on.

The injuries associated with bringing backpacks of children are rising with alarm figures every year. Choosing to buy backpacks for the right baby can help reduce the weight load on the back when children go to school.


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