How to choose best travel bag?

How to choose best travel bag?

Today, the living standard is improving, the demand for entertainment and tourism is an indispensable. Therefore, travel bags, sports bags are necessary for this demand. However, choosing the right best travel bag, the backpack is not an easy question. Except for the convenience, usefulness, it is also required the suitable material, models and depends on your using purpose (long trip or short trip). So, how to choose both fashionable and useful bag that can help you on the long travel and harsh weather.

Today, Senda will share a few experiences that can help you to choose the most suitable travel bag, sports bag.

How to choose best travel bag?

1. Choosing bag must be appropriate for the purpose

For a short trip, you should buy a medium size bag such as sports bag with the usual size: 50x25x25 cm. For pack backing or a long travel, you should buy a bag with the large design, dirt free and many pockets that allow you to use for pack backing, long travel and protects your 16.5″ laptop, other items as well. Therefore, we only use handbags to carry the necessary items.

2. Choosing bag must be fit the body

The tall and thin: For those who have an ideal body can choose almost of styles from big size travel bags to sports handbags. However, you should not choose too small bags that can make you look taller. The medium and big size bags are perfect choices.

The short: You should always pay attention to the proportion of the body. The short should choose small size bags, not the big size ones despite their convenience and fashion. Big bags can make you smaller.
Generally, to have the really beautiful bag it must suit your style, physique. Travel bags, sports bags, backpacks appropriate the tall one (about 1.7m)

How to choose best travel bag?

3. Pay attention to the material and color

The material is very important. Almost of bags produced by manufacturers are made of the highest level of the waterproof fabric so that the items inside are not got wet when it rains not very heavy. In addition, some travel bags include a raincoat, covered bag, in case of heavy rain, you can cover your bag. This is also an important thing you can consider. In term of quality, you can not ignore the seam, the sharp precision. Sewing is good and waterproof.

The colorful bags are suitable for playing sports, wandering around or picnic. For a long travel, you should choose the simple, strong colors like black, grey, dark blue. Simple colors can make you impress during a long travel. Besides, these kinds of colors make your bags look cleaner during the trip

4. Trap and zipper

A suitable travel bag, zipper and trap must be useful and durable all the long trip. Nowadays, Adidas, The North Face, Nike ‘bags also use the steel block zipper that is one of the best zippers. So that, you can rest assured their durability. For traps, you should choose the bag which its traps can adjustable or can be disassembled on special situation and purpose of use. In addition to the design must have ventilation, mesh, very thick lining and soft back surface.

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