How to choose the best Tote bags?

How to choose the best Tote bags?

Tote bags have long been an indispensable accessory for many, not just women but also men. So, do not be surprised if we can find the bag with a simple and handy design that is everywhere: in the street, in the fashion store, on the advertising poster or on the cover. Of some magazine … And of course, tote bag is also a need in your closet. Let Senda refer to some of the main features of the tote bag to choose the right bag for you!

1. Design

Styles are always considered important when choosing an item, especially handbags. With tote bag, the details are sophisticated or stylized are removed, instead of the simple and most convenient structure.

Tote bag has two main types: Tote bag in “T” shape and tote bag in “U” shape. “T” bags are usually sewn together and do not use the cloth splicing technique, while the “U” bags are sewn from different fabrics.

You should choose the style of the bag opposite to your body. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your body so that you can choose the right outfit and the bag that covers the blemishes, that is the smart choice. A big Tote bag and shoulder strap will fit high-end girls. Therefore, when choosing to buy Tote bag you can choose bags with different palette and style. At present, Tote bags are very diversified in materials as well as designs and sizes, so consumers can choose many products to suit their needs.

2. Size

Tote bag has many different sizes for you to choose. However, how can you accurately estimate the size of tote bags if they are online? Do not worry too much because you can pinpoint exactly the following few notes:

Depth: The length of the bottom from right to left will be the width of the bag.
Width: the length of the bottom from the front to the back is the width of the bag.
Length: The distance from the mouth to the bottom of the bag is the length of the tote bag.

3. Weight

Simple, easy to use and “super light” are the words that best describe the characteristics of the tote bag. The small weight is one of the advantages of tote bag compared to other types of bags. You can carry your tote bag anywhere without worrying about its weight.

4. Capacity

Many people still think that simple and small tote bags are not as fit as leather bags or synthetic bags. But, a tote bag is better than what you think! From small items such as notebooks, learning tools to larger items such as books or tablets can be put into a tote bag neatly.

5. The length of the bag

You can get attention to your physique when choosing a bag with a horizontal base on which part of your body. Short sleeves worn on the shoulders will draw attention to your breasts, longer bags will attract attention to the waist or abdomen. The length of the bag should not exceed the hip area. Most handbags should not be too long and lie under your waist. Tote handbags with shoulder straps on one side are suitable for tall, lean, or hourglass bodies. By wearing the Tote bags on your shoulders you can cover the shortcomings and expose the benefits of the body. You just need to know how to combine the costume and Tote bags are reasonable, will help you always stand out among the crowd. For the absolute little girl should not be wearing the bag over the length of the hip, because they will make you look dwarf. You should choose the bag, handbag compact and pretty.

6. Tote bags material type

   6.1. Tote Canvas Bags

One of the most expensive tote bags is a cotton or canvas bag. These bags are designed with a fabric that consists of organic materials. The main advantage of tote canvas bags is the ability to wash. Although more expensive, these bags are designed for everyday use.

   6.2. Polypropylene Tote Bags

Perhaps one of the least expensive options is the most expensive polypropylene bags (PP bags). These bags are often used for advertising and are often made from recycled plastics. These PP bags can be used more than once, but not suitable for daily use.

   6.3. Tote Jute Bags 

One of the unique options of the Tote bag is a jute bag. These bags are increasingly popular and are made from natural plant fibers. Unique materials create an attractive and stylish look for the tote bag. Although not very durable, Jute bags – bags are self-decomposing and sure.

   6.4. PET Recycling Bags

These bags are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a resin compound used primarily for food containers such as bottled water. These bags are of the most durable type, are often retail and are especially used in events. This bag is quite durable and does not cost much.

Knowing the different types of Tote bags help a lot in finding a perfect fit bag and the right needs.

How to choose the best Tote bags?

Tote bags that are simple but personality, elegance and easy to transform into all the clothes you have in the cabinet. You do not have to worry about the slippery, slim Tote, because they have the highlights on the body, from the oversized keypad is polished, or the details are large, delicate and powerful design. Both have created a completely new look, completely personality for the Tote bag. Therefore, when choosing to buy bags Tote bag you should choose the size, style to suit and especially the address to provide prestige. A suitable tote bag is always a companion to you on every journey. Hopefully, our sharing will make choosing bags easier.


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