How to choose women handbags to match the body shape?

How to choose women handbags to match the body shape?

Most of us will choose the bag according to the costume and style of the individual. However, it will be even better if you know how to choose handbag according to the body shape.

Handbags can be considered as the most important accessory in the wardrobe. They fill the void for a costume and are one of the essentials to create a perfect look. More than a simple shirt or dress, a bag can show a lot of character.

Therefore, it will never be redundant when you pay more attention to the aspect of the bag. Most of us will choose the bag according to the costume and style of the individual. However, it would be even better if you chose the bag for your body shape. Because it’s the same thing you wear. The bag you carry can completely enhance the physical beauty and hide the appearance defects.

Choose the right handbag

Tall and slim women

The tall and slim women are always the lucky ones, referring to the choice of handbags. They can carry every size and shape of the bag from the backpack to the fragile clutch from the messenger bag to the shoulder bag. However, the advice for tall women is to avoid using too small bags because they can make them look even taller. Give priority to medium- and large-sized bags with distinctive prints.

The short and small women

The first and most important fashion rule for low-key women is to note the proportions. The women should only use small bags or medium size. Never fool a big bag. Those bags will only make you look lower than the actual size. If you want to use shoulder bags, keep in mind that the bag is not too long. As for shoulder bags, it is best to just stop at the hip.

Bold Women

For bold women, the biggest concern should be for the lower body from the hips down. The best choice for these women is the light shoulder bag with the medium size. Look for bags with short straps to keep the bag neatly under your hand. For bold women, do not choose a shoulder bag that stretches down the hips as they will create a visual effect that makes the hips look bigger. Besides, you also need to avoid the large bags or tote bags with many details.

Women have an apple shape or large breasts

Women with large breasts and wide shoulders should forget the small bag with the handle straps. Because you need to disperse the attention out of the first round, bags with longer handle will be a perfect choice: shoulder bag, messenger bag or bag you can put on hand like Hermes Birkin for example.

In case you own a small ring and want it to look fuller, look for a bag or clutch with a brief strap.

Women are sporty

For women who are too angular, athletic athletes need to stay away from similarly shaped handbag bags. Angular pockets such as backpacks or rectangular clutches will provide the simplicity needed for your body. In addition, you can also find round, puffy bags with interesting details such as embroidery or embroidery on the bag.

Overweight women

Extra women should look for medium-sized tailored bags. The light-weight bag or clutch will be the right choice, especially when small bags only make the contrast with appearance becomes more pronounced.

Above all, keep in mind the golden rule of bag selection: Bag style should be contrasted with the impression created by your body. Rounded women should look for sharp-edged, sharp-edged bags, while thinner women do not mind wearing stylish bags.

Color also plays a very important role when choosing handbags. Colorful bags with striking motifs are ideal for taller women and smaller women who are looking for simple bag designs with neutral tones.


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