What kind of travel backpack should you use when traveling?

What kind of travel backpack should you use when traveling?

In the world of travel accessories, it can be said that the backpack is the most important factor in every trip. The travel backpack is not just a normal backpack that you always carry.

It is divided into three categories depending on the purpose and length of your journey, this article will help you see the sea is a better understanding of your companion. World travel backpack is extremely diverse with many styles and colors, they are divided into three main groups:

1. Daypacks: A backpack for day trips with activities such as hiking, rock climbing, running or biking. In keeping with the constant movement of the daypacks, the backpack should be lightweight and compact. Good daypacks are the type of belly that helps prevent the back of your backpack from going away.

2. Internal Frame: This type of backpack has a higher capacity than Daypacks. The backpack internal frame has aluminum or plastic frames and bends are curved. A good backpack will fit snugly against your back and may help to prevent injury to your spine when carrying heavy loads.

Internal Frame on senda bags

Small tips:

  • Put the sleeping bag in a waterproof bag or plastic bag to the bottom of the backpack. You will not need to use it until the end of the day. So, sleeping bags here will be a solid base for your backpack.
  • Heavy items such as food bags, sleeping tents or books should be placed at the bottom of the backpack and close to the lumbar vertebrae to help balance the gravity as you move.
  • Put a puffy jacket and raincoat to the left of heavy items. The other items of clothing should be rolled to a very small size, put in a waterproof bag, and then just above.
  • The top of the backpack and other small bags are space for items you will need in the day such as snacks, maps, sunscreen, headlamp …

3. External Frame: This type of backpack is used for long walks, it should carry many items and suitable for hiking. The special design has a simple frame for lifting the backpack higher than your back, balancing gravity so you can walk without spilling forward when reflexively carrying heavy loads and ventilate suitable for hot days or you have to exercise a lot of sweat.

External Frame on sendabagsHere some small tips:

  • Typically, slim frames will allow you to tuck the sleeping bag outside, just below the backpack to save space and balance the force. Do not forget to put your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag or nylon bag to avoid getting wet by the sudden rain.
  • As with the travel backpack, the internal frame pack, heavier items (food and tents) are kept close to the bottom of the back and near the spine.
  • Take advantage of all the remaining space and small backpack bag to arrange other items instead of the smaller bag to reduce the load.

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