4 Secret to buy camera backpacks

For professional photographers, bags are needed by protecting the equipment and are more flexible in moving. In addition, travel camera bags are also needed in addition to the fashion sense.

1. Travel camera

This is for those who like to travel. Users can easily put in their bags. In addition to the camera, some bags also allow users to add extra batteries or memory cards. Customers who buy this bag are usually photographers, travel or begin to photograph

2. Mirrorless and small DSLR cameras

Shoulder bag: When buying a DSLR or a mirrorless, you can get a small diagonal strap. This gadget usually has compartments, which allow the camera to hold, the included lens and the flash. It also has compartments on the front and sides to hold accessories such as batteries, memory cards or toiletries.

Sling bag: This type allows the user to take the machine quickly to capture important moments. This bag is usually fitted with DSLR or mirrorless attached lenses and is usually worn on the waist.

Stylish BAG: This bag is similar to typical crossbars but has a compartment for cameras and accessories. These bags usually fit into one body and two small lenses. This bag is popular with reporters.

3. DSLR with many accessories

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Backpack: Users carrying multiple cameras and lenses should choose a backpack. Unlike the diagonal shoulder bag for heavy shoulder wear, the backpack splits evenly on both shoulders for long periods of time. Some backpack also comes with the food tray, clothes.

Large Shoulder Bag: This is like a small shoulder bag but has more compartments, allowing users to store more laptops and laptops. However, this bag is quite bulky and uncomfortable like Backpack.

Large bags are usually professional photographers or photographers who choose to buy.

4. Other backpacks

Waterproof backpacks: Moisture is one of the causes of camera damage. Users should choose a good waterproof bag. Manufacturers offer all-weather protection bags with waterproof and protective pads. These bags have zippers to prevent water from entering.

Anti-Shock Bag: This bag is water resistant and shock resistant but is quite bulky.

Trolley backpacks: This bag is suitable for users who want to carry everything like the whole lens, spare body, accessory or laptop. These bags have the bottom wheel and the scissors help move easily.

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Tips when using a backpack

Backpacks care and maintenance: In order to extend the life of the bag, it is advisable to wipe the inside and outside of the bag at the same time as sun exposure to remove the odor.

Alternatives: If the user can not choose the type of bag needed, the buffer can be purchased to fit in his or her normal bag. At present, there are many sizes for camera cushions that can fit in many bags sizes.

Rain Cover: For tropical countries, rain cover protects the bag from pouring out.

Do not wear too much, especially with shoulder bags, bring what you need. Being heavy does not only make the user fatigue but also reduces the motivation of the shot. If you plan to carry multiple items, use a backpack.

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