Top 9 Men Bags Worth Buying In Autumn 2018

If you are looking for a male handbag as a gift for your loved ones, friends, or yourself, then we will list the bags that should be bought by the time of this Fall 2018.

Handbag is a normal accessory, but really need to choose carefully. Not only does the design have to comply with anthropometrics, it also protects the backbone of the user, but also has to carry a subtle design to convey the spirit of the brand to the customer. Here are nine handbags, backpacks and briefcases carrying the beautiful, delicate, and extremely useful designs of the fall-winter 2018.

1. Everlane’s Weekender The Twill Bag

Made from fabric and leather, the Everlane Men’s Weekender bag is the perfect choice for you to pack lightweight items suitable for short business trips. With a subtle, elegant design, neutral colors are easy to blend with any suit. In particular, this bag design is very useful when it comes to carrying your luggage on every flight.

2. Travel bag Tumi Alpha 2

Travel bag Tumi Alpha 2

Tumi Alpha 2 is in the BST Alpha 2 of Tumi travel bags made of durable ballistic nylon material with classic design and high durability. Outside of the bag, there is a small compartment for your personal hygiene products such as deodorant, shaving creams or small items that make it easy to pick them up when needed.

3. Saturdays NYC’s Norfolk Holdall Handbag

On this date, the men’s NYC Men’s Handbags provider produced the Norfolk Holdall BST. “Holdall” is a form of bag that has a large and bulky shape, meaning it can hold everything. And as its name implies, you can put all your belongings in this bag. Work profiles, textbooks, or gym suits, sports shoes, or even a few suits for your travels.

4. Duffel Men’s Handbag Mt. Drew by United By Blue

Model duffel handbags Mt. Drew is one of the oldest brands of the United by Blue brand. Offering a very convenient design has been calculated by the designers very accurate, making it easy to pack your gadgets. The main pull cord is located in the middle, which expands the mouth of the bag, crossbody adjustable strap and good waterproof material for easy cleaning. This is really a bag full of uses suitable for your Autumn-Winter vacation.

5. Pull-Out vali  by Away The Bigger Carry-On

A pull-out vali will allow you to conveniently move it around, without the hassle of carrying, carrying heavy items. This towel has a compact size that fits in the baggage allowance at the airport, so you can safely use it without worrying about size. In addition, it has the added benefit of being a rechargeable battery pack for electronic devices during long trips.

6. Want O’Hare O’Hare’s Tote Bag by Want Les Essentiels

Not only is it easy to store groceries, but the O’hare tote bag by Want Les Essentiels can also contain more than you think! For example, you can store your laptop and some documents. With a very elegant design, this is a very suitable product to replace the familiar office pair.

7. Walker Wax Messenger Bag by Ernest Alexander

A perfect choice if you are looking for a bag to use every day. This Ernest Alexander Messenger Men’s Messenger bag is made of cotton wax, a durable fabric and covered with a glossy lacquer. The mouth of the bag is hidden under the lid of the bag makes a perfect beauty, elegant. The back of the case is designed with one more compartment to make it easier for you to access the items more quickly.

8. Men’s Handbags Shinola Leather Briefcase

If you are looking for a familiar handbag with colors suitable for most suits then this is definitely a perfect fit for you. Soft leather, blended with the classic style of the postman in ancient times. This Shinola men’s handbag is elegant enough to keep you from becoming rigid, keeping your energy levels under control.

9. The Passat and Lee No. 25 Handbag

It is difficult to find a sturdy briefcase that looks elegant and fashionable. However, the Passavent and Lee briefcase is the answer to the criteria. Of course, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth the price. The pair is made from the material that makes up the airplane case. Passavent and Lee wanted to create a product that looks like the artwork of celebrity artists but still retains its unique superspeed.


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