Tote Bags For Ladies – Trends In Fashion From Ice Bags

Tote Bags For Ladies - Trends In Fashion From Ice Bags

Ordinary cannot stop a canvas bag from becoming a favorite fashion accessory today. The tote bag is a fashionable, functional and versatile fashion accessory. Although this type of bag is very popular nowadays, its origins are still quite ambiguous. So when is our life associated with a tote bag?

Back in the 17th century, “tote” was originally not meant to refer to a type of bag that meant “to take”. With its lightweight, durable material, and easy-to-carry design, the tote bag became a must-have item and attracted much interest in the 1940s.

Brand name from the US L.L.Bean is the first brand to launch a bag called “Ice bag” – the bag properly functioned as a name used to carry ice. People have since become interested in the idea of a bag that can carry their “home” but still look stylish. And finally, in the 1960s L. Le. Bean launched a canvas tote bag and opened the door to new trends in the world market.

Following the success of the LLBean tote bag was the tote bag version of The Strand in New York City in the late 1980s. The very first bag was made of natural cotton canvas. with printed graphics floating information of the bookstore. Without stopping the minimalist version, the store began to release more variations from diverse colors to animal images, city icons or Michelle Obama. The Strand’s bag catalog attracts a lot of attention from consumers.

Tote Bags For Ladies

Of course, the fashion industry will not easily miss such a multi-functional gadget. The high-end tote bags from the major manufacturers also come up with designs of their own, typically Madewell, Coach, and even Prada. Tote bags on the catwalk fashion will be more diverse in design, material to the texture.

But for us, a bag made of the canvas of all colors, along with interesting prints is enough to make you fascinated. The cost of canvas material is more affordable than the tiny bag made of leather material. Today’s Tote bags are more “variations” with more details and functionalities such as removable straps, or other small pocket compartments for carrying your phone or wallet. Tote bags are not picky as well as age, from the soul to young fashion to the middle-aged can cover this bag.

Beside the multi-color textures, the messages are funny, interesting and easy to convey

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