Travel backpacks – 3 things you do not know

Travel backpacks - 3 things you do not know

In the in accessories’ world of tourists, the backpack is one of the main factors in every trip. The travel backpack is not a normal backpack. Depending on the using purpose and the length of your journey, tourism backpacks are divided into three types. This article will help the boys see the sea, the sky is home to more understand his companion. The world of backpacks is extremely diverse with many styles and colors, they are divided into three main groups:

1. Daypacks

This kind uses for 1day-trip with any kind of activities like walking, hiking, running or cycling. For this constant movement, backpacks should be light and compact. The good backpacks are the type having an abdominal bandage that can prevent the backpack from hitting your back every step.

2. Internal Frame Backpack

This kind can storage much more than daypacks. The internal frame has an aluminum or plastic frame and bendable binding. The good one will fit in your back and may help to avoid spinal injuries when carrying heavy things.

Small tips

– Put the sleeping bag in a waterproof bag or plastic bag then put them into the bottom of the backpack. Because you do not need to use it until the end of the day. Therefore, the sleeping bag will make a strong base for your backpack
– Heavy items such as food, sleeping tent or books should be placed into the bottom of the backpack and close to the lumbar vertebrae to help balance the gravity as you move.
– Arrange the puffy jackets and raincoat to the left of the heavy items. The other items of clothing should be rolled to very small size, then put into a waterproof bag and place above.
– The top of the backpack and other pockets is the place of things like snacks, maps, sunscreen, headlamp.

3. External Frame Backpack

This is the kind of long trips and suitable for long walks that you have to carry many things. With a simple frame in the design for lifting the backpack higher than your back, this kind can balance gravity so you can walk without spilling forward reflexively when carrying heavy loads and ventilate. It is suitable for hot days or you have to exercise and sweat a lot.

Small tips:

-Typically, travel backpack frames will allow you to carry the sleeping bag outside, just below the backpack to save space and balance the force. Do not forget to put your sleeping bag in a waterproof or plastic bag to avoid getting wet by the sudden rain.
– The same to the internal frame pack, the heavy items (foods and sleeping tent) should be placed in the close of the bottom and closed to Spine.
-The other space and pockets we put the other items instead of put them in one more small bag to reduce several grams of load.

How much is enough?

According to the purpose of the trip, you can refer the following list of the items that you can carry in the backpack

For one-day trips, the 4kilo backpack can hold:

  • Water
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Camera
  • Warn clothes
  • Map
  • A few of other things such as medical instruments, GPS

For weekend trips, the 4 to 6-kilo backpack can hold

All of the items listed below and the following list:

  • Small tent
  • Sleeping bags and pads
  • Mini heater and cooking utensils
  • Some set of clothes
  • Meals

On a week-long trip, you can bring the following items in a 6.5kg – 9.5kg pack:

  • All the items in the below list and the following items:
  • Much more foods
  • Cooking kits and fuel
  • Some luxuries such as camping chairs, camping shoes, pillows
  • The bigger tent
  • Warmer sleeping bag and sleep pad if you like

Over 9.5kilo backpack for longer trips, you can bring the following items

Winter version of all items in the list above. Include the following items: Climbing tools

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