8 Simple steps to wash a backpack that you should know

8 Simple steps to wash a backback that you should know

How did you wash a backpack properly, so that you can extend the life of each backpack? You can immediately refer to the suggestions from Senda below:

In order to properly clean the backpack, you need to follow the following 8 steps:

Step 1: Put all the items in the backpack out

Before you backpack, you will need to put all your belongings out of the backpack. Because, the objects will fade and will stick to the surface of the backpack, damaging your backpack.

Step 2: Read the notes on the backpack if available

Before you wash the backpack, read the notes on the backpack, to get the right way to wash the backpack, avoid damage. You need to notice on the backpack that there are some common notes that are not washing machine or do not use detergent or dryer, so when washing Backpack you can avoid those things.

Step 3: Choose a way to wash your backpack

After you have read the notes on the backpack finished, then you choose a suitable method of washing Backpack is washing machine or washing hands. If your backpack is not labeled, or if the label is blurred, then rely on the nature of your choice. And now there are some types of a backpack that are 100% nylon (polyester), cotton, nonwoven and lining. 100% Nylon (Polyester) fabric is difficult to crack, no shrinkage or stretch during washing so you can machine wash or wash your hands.

Fabrics such as cotton, non-woven, or lining are very easy to crease and stretch. Therefore, you do not have to wash this type of backpack with a washing machine.

Step 4: Choose detergent

100% Nylon fabric is not easy to fade, so you can choose any detergent, but you should not choose the type of bleach detergent is too strong. As for other backpack types, you need to choose light detergents like Woolite bleach dedicated to fabric. And you should only use in the right amount!

During the backpack wash, you may encounter dirt such as mold or greasy food on the backpack surface, do not worry. Just use the following 4 option to remove them:

green tea essential oil

Option 1 is green tea essential oil, first you only need a clean white towel dipped in green tea solution. Then, you use this towel to wipe away repeatedly until it is dirty. Finally, rinse with cold water and dry it.

Option 2 is vinegar, which is also a good detergent to kill mold and grease. First, make a little vinegar to a clean cotton towel. Then, use it to wipe off the mold until it completely disappears and clean it with cold water.

Option 3 is diluted alcohol or alcohol. This is a good detergent to kill mold and bacteria, just like the bleach on you need to clean the cotton. Then, dip the towel into the alcohol. Next, use a dampened towel to wipe off the mold. Finally, wash the backpack with clean water and dry it.

Option 4: Baking soda is also effective in killing mold. First, you need to sprinkle baking soda on the mold, wait a few minutes to use a cotton pad to clean it. Then, wash the backpack with clean water and dry. So the mold was removed.

Step 5: Flip left backpack or for backpack into a big pillowcase

Before you backpack, flip your backpack out or put your backpack in a large bag or pillow. If you do this, the loops and decorations will not fade and damage the backpack.

Step 6: Wash the Backpack

In step 3, you have chosen the method of washing, so now shake hands immediately backpack!

Wash the Backpack

For washing machine method, first you put the backpack in the washing machine. Then pour the specialized detergent that has been diluted into the machine. Next, adjust the machine to wash lightly to avoid stretching, damage the backpack. And during the backpack washout, keep in mind that always use cold water to wash the backpack, which will keep your backpack from fading, not stretching. In addition, during the backpack washing process, you sometimes have to watch if the backpack is sucked into a fixed position in the cage of the washing machine or not so that there is a reasonable adjustment.

As for hand washing, first take a warm water bowl and remember not to overheat because they will fade, damage the fiber. Next, put some detergent in it and soak the backpack within 30 minutes.

Then, you need a toothbrush that you do not use anymore, or a sponge, to rub the backpack gently. As such, the stains on the backpack’s yarn will completely disappear.
Finally, you just need to wash it with cold water.

Step 7: Dry the backpack after washing the backpack

After the machine has finished washing the backpack, take the backpack out and if you put it in the bag then take the bag out to get Backpack. In case you wash your backpack by hand, after you have rinsed off with clean water, you need to wash the backpack to dry it. However, many of you often have the habit of using dryers to dry them, but you do not know if there are any types of dryers that can be used and which are not.

For nylon backpack, you can be exposed directly in the sun. Nylon is characterized by no reduction in durability under the sun. In addition, it is durable at high temperatures (160 degrees) so you can use the dryer to dry the Nylon Backpack also.

Besides, you should not use a dryer to dry the backpack made of cotton, non-woven or linen, because the type will be the temperature of the dryer to change the yarn. Moreover, these are not very durable when exposed to the sun at too hot a time. So, after washing this type of backpack you should expose them in shady, cool place. Also, when drying you should back up the backpack, open all its compartment out. Then hook it to the strap and place it on.

Step 8: Keep the backpack clean after washing

After the Backpack washes, the backpack is always very important. If you go out in the rain and make your backpack soaked in water, to avoid mold, you should dry them. First, put all the items in the backpack out, then hang them on the hook, drying in a cool place. And you should note, after washing the backpack clean you see it wrinkles, in this case, you should not use the table to be flat but keep the Backpack in a shade and leave time Then it will balance itself and flat again. Also, to ensure your backpack is always strong, when using the backpack you should not put too many heavy loads into it.

Briefly, when washing the backpack you need to follow the full 8 steps, and have a proper way of washing after washing has finished so that your backpack is always durable, clean, free from mold. Wishing you successful backpacking so that your backpack is always new!

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